Sustainability and the circular economy

Small and medium-sized enterprises increasingly have to deal with changing customer demands, fluctuating markets and increasing sustainability pressure. The implementation of sustainability and the circular economy offers great opportunities, but also presents challenges, especially for smaller companies. saaris focuses on different aspects and teaches you not only the necessary basics of sustainability and the essentials of the circular economy, but also how you can prepare your company for these challenges. With various projects, co-financed by the state, the federal government and the EU, saaris is an advisor to Saarland companies along the entire value chain of this transformation.

Our services in the field of sustainability and the circular economy

Companies that want to remain competitive in the future need a holistic and sustainable management that can react to changes in our environment. saaris supports SMEs in their transformation processes, helping them to achieve more sustainability with the service point “Sustainable Entrepreneurship”. The free “Sustainability Quick Check” developed by saaris can offer initial starting points. In an individual consultancy meeting, the service centre works with the company to develop concrete ideas for developing or deepening sustainable activities in order to position the company in a more future-oriented way. In addition, information is given and current trends in the field of sustainability are demonstrated in workshops and events.

Are you currently identifying new topics, focal points and business areas in the automotive industry? The “Transformation-HUB Battery Value Chain” project is creating a Germany-wide innovation network with the aim of generating opportunities and jobs for the key competence of batteries in tomorrow’s automotive manufacturing. Together with three German automotive networks and four Fraunhofer institutes, saaris and its partners transfer expertise and skills from application-oriented R&D to companies throughout Germany.

Are you looking for answers to the questions you have on new forms of cooperation, knowledge sharing, competence building and individualised learning? The aim of the Competence Centre for Labour Research is the joint development of new strategies in the course of the transformation towards a circular economy in the automotive and medical technology sectors. Products and technologies are changing rapidly, so the skills and expertise of the employees must also be further developed in order to be able to react resiliently as a company to the coming challenges in the future. We can give you the support you need.

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