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ViSAAR - Impulses for virtual working

At a glance

The aim of the ViSAAR project is to prepare small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in structurally weak regions for the future in the field of virtual work. With a view to digitalisation, ViSAAR focuses on shaping the technological change in work and value creation processes together with the employees in the company. The fields of action include virtual leadership, virtual collaboration, virtual mobility, virtual production and virtual coaching.


Objective: Virtual work design

Leadership, teamwork, production, customer interfaces – more and more processes in companies are controlled virtually and independent of location. “Remote working” presents itself as one of the decisive fields of development for the economic success of companies, not least since the Coronavirus crisis. The virtual control of plants, the decentralised handling of processes and the support of location-bound activities through virtual processes require a change in the companies, in the managers and in the workforces. This results in various questions for companies. These range from the application possibilities for virtual work design to the selection of technologies and the employee-centred implementation of the new work processes.

This is where the research project ViSAAR (Virtual Work Design and Technologies for Innovations in Structural Change) comes in. ViSAAR accompanies seven Saarland SMEs in the virtual transformation of selected work processes. From this, ViSAAR derives good practice examples, information offers as well as strategies for the procedure for successful virtual work design in SMEs, which are aimed at all companies in the Saarland.


Project group and approach

Through an interdisciplinary network of seven industrial or production-related companies and four institutes from the fields of technology development, social research and economic development, the implementation of the project focuses on the operational as well as the regional framework for action. In the industrial partner companies, pilot projects are developed, tested and transferred to regular operation. The results of the company projects are transferred to the region via various transfer measures (working groups, specialist events, handbook) and are to be made accessible to all companies there.

Within the region, the project network with the company partners is the starting point for the exchange of experience and the implementation of company measures in the field of virtual work. Through this, ViSAAR would like to make an active contribution to the digital transformation in Saarland’s SME sector.


Project focuses and key topics

By combining virtual work potential in the areas of people, organisation and technology, a move towards the working world of the future is achieved. The development of “virtual fields of action” forms the foundation for the transformation of work processes for SMEs.

The “virtual fields of action” that ViSAAR focuses on are essentially:


The focus is on a dashboard-based management that enables the strategic control of processes, facilities and employees independent of time and place.

The cooperation of people and machines in virtual space enables location-independent, knowledge-intensive, collaborative work activities from person to person. In addition, human-technology remote interaction can be achieved in production.

The virtualisation of work enables location independence. Through the support of smart information technology and mobile data connections (e.g. smartphones, wearables, tablets, laptops), information is exchanged digitally regardless of location, which enables an exchange of results of the work processes.

Remote operation makes it possible to control production plants from any location. The digital models, methods and tools enable a virtual image of production that supports employees on site during operations and optimises what can be automated.

The aim is to realise flexible training and further education at the workplace through remote training options integrated into the workplace.



Advice and support for small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of virtual work.



Advice and support for small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of virtual work.

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