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co-working in rural areas

co-working in rural areas


co:working66 supports co-working spaces in rural areas of the Saarland (“66”). These spaces make for cooperation across industries and disciplines and promote sustainable, collaborative and innovative entrepreneurship. This is enabled by the financial support from the Saarland Ministry for the Environment, Climate, Mobility, Agriculture and Consumer Protection.

The availability of shared workspaces has a stimulating effect on local communities. They serve as places of encounter and intergenerational exchange, and help regional populations network by way of accompanying programmes such as concerts, workshops, or conferences on trend-setting topics. The participative togetherness creates a new work culture (“new work”). The project in this sense assesses the need for and supports the development and realization of co-working spaces in a pilot project framework in three Saarland communities: Marpingen, Rehlingen-Siersburg und Blieskastel.

Over and beyond this, the pilot phase of the project collects learnings and results from the establishment of local co-working spaces, and makes them available to other interested communities. In addition to which the project also networks public and private providers of co-working spaces throughout the Saarland, inter alia on a project website.

Thanks to the interdisciplinary exchange and flexible work options, the service offers a great space for start-ups, creatives and all interested citizens. It similarly helps commuters from various industries optimize their work-life balance, as another boon for the environment and regional development.

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Max Mustermann
Lilli Breininger Leitung co:hub66 lokal – co:working im ländlichen Raum 0681 210 66 410