Sustainable entrepreneurship

Support in shaping sustainable entrepreneurship – future-oriented and profitable!

What is sustainable entrepreneurship?

Sustainability is understood as an innovation factor for the transformation of the economy as well as for the strategic further development of company profiles and business models. Economic – ecological – social.

Companies that want to be profitable in the long term need holistic and sustainable management. The aim to be able to react to changes in our environment in order to operate in a future-oriented manner with added value for society as a whole.

What is the “next economy”?

The term “next economy” is used in trend and futurology research to describe sustainable effects. Examples of this are the post-growth economy, the sharing economy, the blue economy or the zero-emission economy.

The “next tconomy” thus stands for the transformation of companies towards sustainable business models.

In order to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in their transformation processes towards more sustainability, saaris offers a versatile range of services with the service centre “Sustainable Entrepreneurship”.


Do you want to make your company more sustainable?

Take the sustainability quick-check!


Do you want to make your company more sustainable?

Take the sustainability quick-check!

Our free offers for you:

Individual entry-level consultations, interactive workshops as well as practical events for Saarland SMEs on the core areas:

Highlighting trends and portfolio expansions on the topics of “sustainable markets” and “sustainable product and service variants”.

Optimisation impulses towards “sustainable product systems”, “sustainable supply chains” and “sustainable marketing”.

Approaches to the implementation of a “sustainable company profile” by means of reporting and indicator systems.

The benefits for you:

Smarte Geschäftsideen

The “Service Agency for Sustainable Entrepreneurship” program is funded by the European Social Fund (ESF), the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digital and Energy (MWIDE) and the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Women and Health (MASFG) as part of the “Service Agency Next Economy Saar (Necon)” project.

It is a further development of the “Corporate Social Responsibility” service center (2012 – 2021).


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Lena Kaiser Head of Service centre for Sustainable entrepreneurship 0681 210 66 350