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Our strong service portfolio: For people, companies and Saarland as a business location

Saarland Attractive agency

The task in the coming years will be to make qualified skilled workers aware of the job opportunities in Saarland. Together with other labour market actors, it supports the matching process between potential skilled workers and Saarland SMEs, especially those with a need for skilled workers.


The co:hub66 represents a new form of togetherness (»co«) as well as a central location and hub (»hub«) for the entire Saarland (»66«), where cross-sector, interdisciplinary cooperation and the joint development of ideas, products and business models are made possible.


The co:working66 project has been designed to support the development, presentation and implementation of coworking services in rural areas of the Saarland, especially in three pilot municipalities selected by the Ministry of the Environment: Marpingen, Rehlingen-Siersburg and Blieskastel.

During the course of the project phase, the lessons learned and results in the establishment of local coworking spaces will be secured and made available to other interested municipalities. The project also networks public and private providers of coworking spaces throughout Saarland, including on the project website.


The project “DOCK 11 – Promoting Creative Industries Saarland” is the platform for professionalising and communicating the interests of Saarland’s creative industries. As an instrument of economic development in Saarland, the project works concretely to improve the economic framework conditions for creative professionals in the greater region.

Demography Network Saar

The Demography Network Saar (DNS) is a network for companies in Saarland that want to deal productively with the challenges of demographic change in Saarland and the resulting consequences for securing skilled labour. It offers practical solutions through the targeted exchange of company experiences and the communication of practical solutions to strengthen the attractiveness of a company as an employer.


The aim of the federal research project ‘DiSerHub’ is to secure the competitiveness of the German automotive industry by establishing an information platform on the topics of production, distribution, utilisation and exploitation. The platform will serve as the first point of contact for expertise and success practices in the field of digital services and digital business models. saaris will help to set it up and transfer the scientific findings to operational practice in all phases of the automotive value chain together with the companies.

Enterprise Europe Network

In 2008, the European Commission initiated the Enterprise Europe Network to support small and medium-sized enterprises in their innovation and internationalisation projects. Since then, the EEN at saaris has been part of this largest support network in the world, with around 6,000 employees in over 600 organisations, and can draw on the expertise of foreign chambers, associations, technology centres and innovation agencies.

Economy Transformation Hub

The willingness and ability of the Saarland economy to innovate plays a prominent role in its future competitiveness. Innovations are, above all, generated in research. The central challenge: to transfer this existing knowledge and turn it into marketable products and services. The Economy Transformation Hub (ETH) project supports companies in meeting this challenge. In doing so, it is orientated towards Saarland’s innovation strategy.

Fab Lab

The FabLab is an interdisciplinary, central facility of co:hub66 for the areas of computer-aided model making and prototyping (“rapid prototyping”), innovative manufacturing and production processes (“rapid manufacturing”) and interactive, networked hardware and software systems (“physical computing”).


Innovations and new developments are essential for the Saarland economy to remain an attractive business location in the future. There are numerous funding opportunities for this from the state, federal government and EU. fue.intensiv is part of the “Innovation Transfer Hub” project and supports Saarland companies with individual advice and event formats in their approach to positioning themselves in a technology-oriented and future-proof way.


GlobalUP supports young and innovative start-ups in their internationalisation with a special start-up support programme for the first steps into international business. In addition, start-ups can also participate in selected start-up events and conferences at low cost and thereby establish international contacts.

The network is based at saaris and is part of the Digital Transformation Hub. Its goal is to support small and medium-sized enterprises from numerous industries in the region in their digital transformation.

INQA initial consultation Saarland

INQA coaching supports you as an SME in developing customised solutions for the challenges of digital transformation as well as securing skilled labour and shaping an employee-oriented and future-proof corporate culture. Funding is provided for participation-oriented, agile advisory processes that focus on people as the place to start sustainable operational change processes. Within the framework of customised and individual consultancy, support is provided for the establishment of learning and experimentation spaces to test new ways of working.

IQ Netzwerk Saar

The Service Point for the Development of Foreign Qualifications at saaris is part of the IQ Landesnetzwerk Saarland. The IQ Landesnetzwerk Saarland offers recognition and qualification counselling for people with foreign qualifications seeking advice as well as needs-oriented adaptation qualifications. In addition, labour market actors receive information, advice and training to initiate intercultural opening processes.


In the KOMATRA project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, saaris and its partners are dedicated to the latest scientific findings on innovative forms of working and learning in the context of the circular economy. Circular economy because new sustainable products require an equally sustainable production and supply chain. Orientation for Saarland companies in the realignment of their work processes and business models

Qualification competence centre

Changes such as demographic developments or digitalisation pose major challenges for the Saarland economy. saaris therefore offers a range of directly implementable support and qualification services to increase the attractiveness of Saarland companies as employers and to get employees ready for future topics.

SMEs 4.0 Competency Centre Saarbrücken

The Saarbrücken SME 4.0 Competency Centre supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular with a needs-based range of services on the path to digitisation and with all questions regarding the economic use of digitisation and Industry 4.0 technologies.

Sustainable entrepreneurship

The service centre “Sustainable Entrepreneurship” is funded by the Ministry of Labour, Women, Social Affairs and Health, the State Chancellery and the European Social Fund Plus as part of the project “Service Centre for Next Economy (Necon)” and supports SMEs in their transformation processes towards more sustainability.

Patent and Brand Centre

The Saar Patent and Trademark Centre – also known as PMZ Saarbrücken for short – is the regional contact point for all questions relating to industrial property protection.

Saarland International @ co:hub66

With Saarland International @ co:hub66, saaris takes the global challenges into account and creates a space that gets Saarland companies fit for the future on an international level – networked, multilateral, collaborative, as well as innovation, service and success-oriented.


Since 2014, we have been implementing a wide range of marketing measures and campaigns to promote Saarland as a business location and place to live under the communicative umbrella “Great things are always created on a small scale.” From classic campaigns and digital platforms, roadshows and trade fair appearances to telling Saarland success stories and more than 1,500 collaborations right up to penning our own Saarland song.

Working and living service centre

The service centre “Working and Living in Saarland” supports Saarland companies in the family-friendly orientation of their HR policies and awards the “Family-friendly Company” seal of quality.

Competence Management Service Point

The Competence Management Service Point enables the measurement and quantification of vocational action abilities and/or competences. Migrants lacking (usable) formal qualifications are to be provided with an opportunity to make their skills visible and realizable for employers by suitable procedures. This involves various (computer-based) processes that are being applied in cooperation with other projects, or developed specifically with companies, to measure job-specific skills. The clients receive conclusive documentations of the results that highlight and describe the provided know-how, skills and abilities in detail. The subproject ensures an optimal interface management between the various actors and/or services.

Technology & innovation

The development of technology-based products, services and processes is the backbone of the German economy. Shorter product life cycles increase the pressure on development departments – especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the demand on innovation management increases. saaris supports the R&D activities of Saarland’s SMEs with a wide range of services.


One focus of the automotive transformation will be the storage of energy in batteries. This is bringing completely new topics, focal points and business areas to the automotive industry. The nationwide project “Transformation HUB Battery Value Chain” (TraWeBa) is creating a Germany-wide innovation network of companies and research institutions with the aim of generating opportunities and jobs for the core competence of batteries in the automotive industry of tomorrow.

Saar Environment Forum

The Saarland Chamber of Industry and Commerce and saaris have jointly managed the Saar Environment Forum since 1998. The task of the forum is to offer Saarland suppliers a platform to present their own products, processes and services, to get to know partners for future business relationships, to promote the exchange of ideas and experience among suppliers and to carry out joint initiatives for market development.


The aim of the ViSAAR project is to prepare small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in structurally weak regions for the future in the field of virtual work. With a view to digitalisation, ViSAAR focuses on shaping the technological change in work and value creation processes together with the employees in the company. The fields of action include virtual leadership, virtual collaboration, virtual mobility, virtual production and virtual coaching.

Welcome Center Saarland

The Welcome Center Saarland is happy to help immigrants from abroad: for example, with questions about entry, residence, work, recognition of qualifications or other integration issues. In addition to various advisory and support services for skilled workers, the Welcome Center Saarland is also a competent contact for companies in Saarland.


Interested in working together with us?


Interested in working together with us?