Enterprise Europe Network

The world’s largest network for internationalisation right on your doorstep

In 2008, the European Commission initiated the Enterprise Europe Network to support small and medium-sized enterprises in their innovation and internationalisation projects. Since then, the EEN at saaris has been part of this largest support network in the world, with around 6,000 employees in over 600 organisations, and can draw on the expertise of foreign chambers, associations, technology centres and innovation agencies.

We offer our services predominantly free of charge for Saarland customers.

Our services

Internationalisation and individual cooperation partner mediation

To be successful in new markets, you need efficient and, above all, suitable partners. For small and medium-sized enterprises, the search for this is associated with a great deal of effort. The EEN offers a range of tools that make finding the right partners much easier, as one of our main areas of work is to support the search for potential partners in the fields of business, technology and research in other European countries and worldwide.




Do you have any questions within the scope of your internationalisation project?

We can advise you on patents, utility models, trade marks, design rights and copyrights, European laws and directives, EU funding instruments (overview of possible funding instruments (including national and regional), initial information on how to apply and refer you to the right contacts, support in accessing other funding), the EU internal market and foreign markets, or we can refer you to an expert in our network.

Contact to Brussels

Through the Enterprise Europe Network, the European Commission gives companies the opportunity to give their feedback on problems with the application of European directives and laws or on administrative hurdles in cross-border business activities.

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Your contact partners

Max Mustermann
Vera Strasburger Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) 0681 210 66 333 vera.strasburger@saaris.saarland
Max Mustermann
Carine Messerschmidt Head of Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) 0681 210 66 332 carine.messerschmidt@saaris.saarland