About us

saaris - service for Saarland’s small and medium-sized businesses

saaris – saarland.innovation&standort GmbH is a business development agency in and for Saarland, supported by the state government and other institutions from the world of industry and work. The overarching goal of our activities is to strengthen Saarland companies in the contexts of structural change, digital transformation and increasing innovative strength. For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular, saaris has a broadly diversified and at the same time highly specialised portfolio of services, the added value of which is reflected not least in the numerous government subsidies from which saaris, and consequently Saarland’s companies as well as the entire Saarland as a place to live and do business, benefit.

In addition to a comprehensive range of services aimed at small and medium-sized Saarland companies in all sectors as well as start-ups, the current range of services also includes measures to strengthen employer attractiveness and enhance the quality of the location. Since 2013, we have been taking care of the location marketing of the state (Saarland. Great things are always created on a small scale.), but also very specifically to support job-seeking people of immigrant origin who have already become acquainted with the advantages of our state and who are to be integrated into the Saarland labour market (Welcome Centre Saarland).

Other focal points are the promotion of innovation and technology, securing and attracting skilled workers, and advising companies on technological and demographic change. The range of services offered by saaris also includes further training for skilled workers and managers, technical and business management consulting as well as activities to open up new sales markets at home and abroad. Also attached are an Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) office and a Patent and Trademark Centre (PMZ). As a partner in the Saarbrücken SME 4.0 Competence Centre, we support manufacturing and production-related companies on their way to digitalisation.